Before and *almost* Afters

Hey friends! We have taken a bit of a break from major renos in the last couple of months, but as the warmer weather is fast approaching (at least we hope), we are starting to think of what little projects we can get up to in the next few months!

I thought I’d share a few of our before and after pictures. It has been quite the undertaking transforming our little bungalow and bringing it up to date. We found quite a few surprises along the way and I’m sure we’ll continue to find more as we finish the last few rooms of our house.

Kitchen Before Pictures:

photo 1 (4)photo 2 (4)

This was our Kitchen when we moved in. It was actually on the other side of the room, and there was a wall separating the kitchen from the living room. You might also notice that the washing machine was in the kitchen. We moved the washing machine to our back room, which conveniently left a spot for the dishwasher that already had a water hookup! Also took down the wall where the refrigerator had been to give a more open entryway. So here we go, here are the after pictures:

2016-04-09 14.20.052016-04-09 14.20.182016-04-09 14.21.08

We also moved the wood stove around the corner and made what is personally, my favourite area of the house – a coffee and tea nook!!

***Notice I said that these are our *almost afters. We obviously still need some trim, and a backsplash. But we’re getting there!!

On to the living room.


photo 4 (3)

And after!

2016-04-09 14.21.182016-04-09 14.21.24

Like I said, we took down the wall between the kitchen (now our eating area) and living room. We also added some big new windows in both these areas which helps so much with making the room look and feel so much bigger and brighter. We also lightened up the wall colour. And here you can see our new little wood stove. Awww, isn’t it cute 🙂

Moving on to the master bedroom:

photo 3 (5)photo 2 (3)

When we moved in, there was actually a hallway leading to the master bedroom and the main bathroom. We changed the entrance to the bathroom so that we could close in the hallway to give us a little more space in the bedroom. We also got rid of the closets on one side and built-ins on the other. Here’s the after:

2016-04-09 14.22.07

Behind that barn door is our “walk-though” closet. It leads to what will SOMEDAY be our en suite, *yay*! It’s still a smaller room, but it’s perfect for us!

The other bedroom in the house is on the other side of the house. It’s our guest room, and here’s what it looked like before:

photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)

And here’s what it looks like now!

2016-04-09 14.21.48

This is probably one of the least-touched rooms. We removed the panelling and did new drywall, we added a small closet, and we replaced the 70’s carpet. There were also some built-ins that we removed so we were able to gain a bit of space!

The last room that is *almost* finished, is our main bathroom.

Here’s the before:

2013-10-26 12.43.082013-10-26 12.43.18.jpg

As I said before, we changed the doorway so now it’s by the kitchen. We also removed the bathtub and put in a shower instead. This room got a little bit smaller so that we could have more room in our master bedroom.

Here’s what it looks like now! I’m just looking for some perfect floating shelving for above the toilet (and or course…baseboards):

2016-04-09 14.23.41

So there we are! Next up: the laundry room, en suite, and office!